[Fallen Pallando] Rise of the Wildmen

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[Fallen Pallando] Rise of the Wildmen

Post by Bandobras Took » Sat Sep 03, 2005 2:59 am

This is a little thematic Fallen Pallando deck that works fairly well.  (Not spectacularly well, but then, seldom have my decks every worked spectacularly well. :))

Starting Company:
3 x Thrall of the Voice

Whatever Minor Items suit your fancy

Minion Woses of the Eryn Vorn
Riders of Rohan
Woses of Old Pukel-Land
Woses of the Druadan Forest

Stage Resources:
Pallando's Apprentice
Pallando's Hood
Stave of Pallando
The Fortress of Isen
Keys of Orthanc
Truths of Doom
Great Patron
Gatherer of Loyalties
A Strident Spawn

Other Resources:
2 x Crept Along Cleverly
2 x Dark Tryst
2 x Voices of Malice
2 x Ruse
2 x Ready to His Will
All Thought Bent upon It
2 x Trickery
Forewarned Is Forearmed
2 x A Nice Place to Hide

Important Sideboard cards:
Prophet of Doom
2 x Promptings of Wisdom (you may wish to stick this in the deck straight up if you suspect your opponent of Skin-Changers)
White Mountain Wolves
The Warg-king
Lindion the Oronin
Greater Half-orcs
Palantir of Orthanc

The basic idea is to move back and forth from the various Wose-holds, stopping only briefly in Minas Tirith to pick up the keys.  You have three possible influencers for the Wose factions, which are all worth three points for Pallando.  If you somehow fail to get one in to play, Pallando can pick them back up.  Once you get gatherer of loyalties in, your starting company is worth eight MPs, which is kind of nice.  If you want to violate the theme, substitute in a strong 5-mind warrior/ranger for Pon, Om, or Ghan.

If you don't get your ally point from Ready to His Will, the Warg-King or Lindion can make suitable replacements.

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