[hero; vs hero] Elves kill the Dragon

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[hero; vs hero] Elves kill the Dragon

Post by fanfarian » Wed Sep 14, 2005 2:55 pm

Glorfindel II

Elven Cloak

[in Deck]

[resources = 30]
The Mithrilcoat
Enruned Shield
Emerald of the Mariner
Valiant Sword

Men of Northern Rhovanion
Iron Hill Dwarves
Wood Elves


3x Not at Home
2x Here, there, or yonder (for the Allys)
2x Marvels Told
2x Muster
1x Secret Passage
2x Risky Blow
1x Dark Quarrels
2x A friend or three
1x A Chance Meeteing
2x Forewarned is Forearmed

[hazards = 30]
2x Cave Worm
1x True Colddrake
3x Cave-Drake
1x Winged Cold-Drake
1x Winged Fire-Drake
2x Ambusher
1x Corsairs of Umbar
2x Sellswords between Charters
1x Elf-Lord revealed in Wraith

2x Summons from long sleep
1x Daelomin at Home
1x Power built by Waiting
1x Dragon's Desolation
2x Unexpected Outpost
2x Beorning Skin-Changers
1x Revealed to all Watchers
1x Chill them with Fear
1x Saurons Mouth
1x Call of Home
2x Twilight
1x River

[The Idea]
Have a strong fighting group with the Elf.
Jump from one Dragon Hoard to another and get as much MP as possible. First step is to "Withered Heat" with "Cram".
Some Hazard MPs are possible with "Glorfindel" and "Legolas".
Get the Faction there and the Allys with "Here, there, or yonder".
"Radagast" or "Pallando" helps to geht the Cards.
Most end with 23-25 MP in round 4.

Most time I play against a Hobbit/Corruption Deck. 2:3 for the Hobbits.
Last month we recruit a good friend of us to start with ME, his first Deck is a Dwarf Deck. 1:0 for the Dwarfes beacause "Call of Home" and "Muster Disperses".
Seeking some Ideas for me to improve my Deck...
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Post by fanfarian » Mon Sep 19, 2005 3:15 pm

Little Updates in the Hazards.
Any ideas to make it faster?
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Post by Zarathustra » Mon Sep 19, 2005 3:28 pm

My suggestions:

Make the starting company:

Elladan / Cram
Elrohir / Cram


-1 Forewarned
-1 Skinbark (he can't move in those regions)
-1 Habergean of Silver
-1 Dark Quarrels
-1 Block

+1 Marvels Told
+1 Quickbeam
+2 Risky Blow


-2 Slayer
-3 Assassin (you're playing Forewarned!)
-2 Muster Disperses
-1 Call of Home

+2 An Unexpected Outpost
+2 Sellswords between Charters
+1 Corsairs of Umbar
+2 Twilight

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Post by stone troll » Mon Sep 19, 2005 8:00 pm

I've always liked Gates in a hero deck.  It works very nicely with dark quarrels to reduce # of strikes to half the original # of strikes.  Plus, a dark quarrels can let you snag an item on your way to dragon country first turn.

2 forewarned is enough.  I don't know if muster is all that necessary as dwarves are the only faction that may be difficult to bring in and the wizard or A Friend or 3 could do the job.  Risky blow is much better than block, imho.  

my suggestions for what they are worth  :wink:

-2 muster/+2 gates
-1 forewarned/+1 marvels told
-1 block, -1 haburgeon/+2 risky blow
-1 and forth he hastened/+1 longbottom leaf (or smoke rings) to bring in wizard cards?
-1 not at home/+1 dark quarrels

On the haz side, i dont know if the one Summons and one Foolish words will be effective.  I'd choose one or the other and put two of them in.  The muster disperses are better sideboarded in later in the game (after opponent has actually marshalled factions) so I'd replace them with Unexpected Outposts to provide better card flow and hazard flexibility (such as bringing in lost in Free Domains to cover Gondor). Two searching eyes seems really skewed towards your home turf game environment.  One is enough?  Replace with Adunaphel?  The hobbits will have multiple concealments, stealths, halfling stealth (which searching eye doesn't stop) and Fatty so even then, searching eye may not do the trick especially with the low haz limit of hobbits.  

As always, these are just suggestions.  :)

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Post by fanfarian » Tue Sep 20, 2005 8:16 pm

Thanks for your suggestions.
Some changes:

starting company:
+ Haldir / - Bard
+ Elrohir / - Legolas (in Deck)
to fit better with "Call of home"

-1 Habergeon of Silver
-1 Skinbark
-1 Block
-1 And forth he Hastened
-1 Forewarned is Forearmed

+1 Marvels Told
+2 Risky Blow
+1 Quickbeam

-2 Slayer
-3 Assassins
-1 Ûvatha
-1 Lost in the Wilderness
-2 Searching Eye
-2 Muster Disperses
-1 Foolish Words

+1 Winged Fire-Drake
+1 Winged Cold-Drake
+1 Corsairs of Umbar
+2 Sellswords between Charters
+1 Summons from long sleep
+1 Power built by Waiting
+1 Dragon's Desolation
+2 Unexpected Outpost
+1 Twilight
+1 River
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