White council emissary

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White council emissary

Post by Mirdhynn » Fri Oct 07, 2005 11:32 am

Hero ressource : White council emissary

Permanent event

If you include this card in your deck, at the beginning of the game, choose an unique character and place him off the side.
Your general influence is equal to twice the mind of this character. You cannot include any wizard cards in your deck.
Playable during organisation phase. When you play this card, take the character placed off the side and put him into play with this card at his home site. He requires no general influence to control.
You can tap this character to bring up to 5 resource and/or character cards from your sideboard into your discard pile.
If this character is eliminated, place him in your marshalling points pile, he gives you a negative amount of MP equals to his MP.
This card cannot be discarded. Cannot be duplicated

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