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Post by Gwaihir » Tue Apr 27, 2004 7:32 pm

The short version: we respect your privacy

The slightly longer version
Guess we need one of these, as the savvy net user nowadays needs to be suspicious and read these things before signing up somewhere, alas. So, here it goes.

We do not share your data with third parties (for free, money, or other (dis)favours) unless required by law. Registration for won't result in any marketing messages being send your way. You might get an occasional message from us if the management of the site itself necessitates it; that's all.

However, does give you yourself options to share personal data, such as your e-mail address, with others through this site. You can set and unset these options in your profile.

In future we intend to introduce many more options, such as an easy way to subscribe to localized MeCCG newsmails and a simple way to make your address available to your trading partners. We hope you'll use them, but you will not be subscribed automatically to any of these.

Some of these new functions may require you to share certain data, but you'll be informed before / when you sign up for them. (Example: Chris has expressed the wish to run his trade center as integrated part of It is quite thinkable that he'll require you to fill out your address and won't allow you to fully hide it again if you should turn out to be a bad trader.) - The Middle-earth CCG store
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Post by miguel » Fri Feb 09, 2007 3:31 pm

As an addendum, personal message (PM) traffic will not be monitored by anyone. This means to access a PM, the staff will need the consent of either the sender or the receiver. Should you receive unwanted PMs from anyone, please let us know.

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