[hero; vs minion] Stargazing

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[hero; vs minion] Stargazing

Post by Zarathustra » Wed Apr 28, 2004 4:51 pm

This is a hero vs minion deck I've used on GCCG from time to time. It can be absolutely brutal against minions if they're nearby. The starting company is Glorfindel, Elladan, Elrohir, and Gildor Inglorian with cram and an elfstone.

2 A friend or three
2 Eyes of Mandos

1 Elves of Lindon

3 Gates of Morning
3 Echo of All Joy
3 Star of High Hope
3 The Cock Crows
3 Risky Blow

1 Longbottom Leaf
2 Smoke Rings

1 The Mithril-Coat
1 Wormsbane
1 Bow of the Galadhrim
1 Glamdring
1 Narsil
1 Orcrist
1 Sapling

Basically, the idea is to cruise through any attacks your opponent might throw at you with (eventually) triple star of high hope ( = +6 prowess). If you can, go to your opponent's site, pick up an item, then cvcc his behind. Only a triple-I'll report you company can withstand that onslaught, and even they have trouble. You'll want to use the smoke rings to recycle the stars of high hope if you cant stick them with Echoes of All Joy. Then just sideboard over a faction and ally playable in your opponent's area (I suggest putting easterlings, southrons, rangers of the north, and Woodelves in the sideboard). If you use up your friend or threes, bring over a muster too. Pallando squats at the grey havens, eventually bringing in Cirdan under DI for +2 hand size and 5 points out of your have (assuming you get the elves of lindon). Bow of the Galadhrim can rip wolf decks to shreds, and the sapling is nice if you're anywhere near minas tirith (put men of anorien in the sideboard too).

Happy hunting!

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Lord Leuber
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Post by Lord Leuber » Wed Jun 09, 2004 8:20 am

This deck is great, I had one myself too (before knowing of this forum). I also used a free peoples hazard strategy to go with it, so the opponent would be slaughtered in both turns, and even by the same guy (after all, Elf-lord Revealed in Wrath is supposed to be Glorfindel). If the prowess boosters come early enough, it often wins 6-0 - not because it has so many points itself, but because the opponent is left with one or two wounded characters and perhaps a single faction or something.

I also used three fellowships btw... :D

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Post by Jambo » Wed Jun 09, 2004 9:09 am

Yep, Fellowships might be necessary as corruption could nail this deck. I have a similar deck to this, as I suppose many now do! My Elves go hunting in the Under-deeps though. :D

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Post by Zarathustra » Wed Jun 09, 2004 10:42 am

Fellowships require going back to the haven... I think I'll stick with my Cock Crows and Friend or Three. You can always sb over the last cock crows and a MT if you see heavy corruption.


goblin king
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Post by goblin king » Thu Sep 01, 2005 11:28 pm

This was the deck basis of the deck I used to win a One Ring replica tournament many moons ago at the Grey Havens (San Francisco). Mine ran with 3x Fellowship but I can see how that card was limited. I played the same deck the following year at nationals in San Francisco and lost four characters and my wizard to a Balrog deck. Ouchie.

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Post by Fangorn » Tue Dec 05, 2006 10:03 pm

It would be fun and thematic (but perhaps less competitive ?) to replace The Mithril-coat, Wormsbane and Narsil with 3 Sword of Gondolin, and have Biter and Beater ! in sideboard just in case opponent plays overt companies.
Biter and Beater !
Playable on a company facing an Orc attack or in combat with an overt company.
Also playable during opponent's site phase.
Every Sword of Gondolin, Orcrist, and Glamdring in target company give an additional +2 prowess bonus and lower the body of strikes their bearers face by 1.
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Post by stone troll » Wed Dec 06, 2006 2:26 pm

Nice deck, especially with a good opening hand.  Sadly, I don't often get one...

I don't think 3xsword of gondolin is good as you are sacrificing 3 mp's, unless the deck is to be purely thematic.  Also, Narsil allows Glorfindel to control an elf bro and gives him 9 prowess.

Decks like this one are why minions should always (IMHO) run 3xdoors of night and at least two twilights!

defense for minions:

many sorrows befall
corruption... and don't go where elves can hit, or have a canceller ready

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Post by Zarathustra » Fri Dec 08, 2006 7:06 am

And don't forget that Biter and Beater! applies to the prowess-boost for the weapons, so Sword of Gondolin can still only get a character up to 8 prowess (thus not being totally effective on Elrohir, for instance).

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Post by Fangorn » Sat Dec 09, 2006 5:17 pm

Indeed, I didn't notice it.
Biter and Beater ! is thus only a cool thematic card.
It could be an optionnal rule to make the bonus not counting against the prowess limit of the weapon.
Hrum, Hoom ! Do not be hasty, that is my motto.

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