[hazards] Hazard deck vs minion/fallen wizard

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[hazards] Hazard deck vs minion/fallen wizard

Post by Zarathustra » Thu Apr 29, 2004 5:29 pm

No one likes to play against minions or fallen wizards. They do weird stuff -- unpredictable stuff. They squat. They move only to safe areas. Essentially, they're cheezy. This hazard strategy deals with both alignments, allowing you to hone your vs hero hazard strategy more finely (i.e. by not having to worry about the cheeze-meisters.


2 Wandering Eldar
1 Arthadan Rangers
1 Ice-drake
1 Nameless Thing
2 Sellswords
1 Cave-drake


Daelomin at Home
1 Itangast Ahunt
1 Lord of the Carrock
1 Mouth of Sauron
1 My Precious
1 Uvatha the Horseman
1 Baduila


Alone and Unadvised
2 Unexpected Outpost
2 Foolish Words
2 Heedless Revelry
1 Power Built by Waiting
1 Revealed to All Watchers
2 River
1 Rolled Down to the Sea
2 Unabated


Basically, the idea is to hit everybody with something, and able to at least play most of your hazards, even if they arent incredibly effective. Give it a try vs a badbeard and wait for the complaints about the heedless revelry :wink: .



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Post by _nauku_ » Fri Apr 30, 2004 6:25 am

Looks fine, but lets throw in 1x The moon is dead and 3x Wisp of pale sheen. The most deadliest turnkiller against minions is wisp+river combo.
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Lord Leuber
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Post by Lord Leuber » Wed Jun 09, 2004 8:29 am

I always thought the most effective undead play vs minions was the Barrow Wight / Spells of the Barrow Wights combo? :wink:

But yes, the Wisp is more easily playable... :mrgreen:

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