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Post by rezwits » Thu Aug 08, 2013 10:03 am

I am reading thru the Universal Rules.pdf, but I trying to figure out if this rule applies to just Ringwraiths and/or Avatars, or All Characters/Avatars.

Here is the rule:

If your avatar is a Ringwraith, you may bring him into play at his Home Site or Minas Morgul. Discard any corresponding Nazgûl hazard manifestation. (MELE, 78)

If my opponent plays Master of the House as a permanent-event, can I bring in Elrond as a Character, discarding Master of the House?

If my opponent plays Alatar the Hunter as a permanent-event, can I bring in Alatar as my Avatar, discarding Alatar the Hunter?

If my opponent plays Balrog of Moria as a permanent-event, can I bring in The Balrog (MEBA), removing Balrog of Moria?

etc blah yada gccg

Thanks again

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