Getting Ready to Play VS. Deck Construction

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Getting Ready to Play VS. Deck Construction

Post by rezwits » Tue Aug 13, 2013 10:42 pm

I have decided to read the universal rules.pdf, and I have come across a weird wording.

The rule quotes this line from MELE 14

You may assign up to 2 non-unique minor items to your starting characters (i.e., 2 items, not 2 to each character). These items must come from cards that you have not committed to your play deck.

but it's after A
A. Building a Deck
B. Starting Cards
Choose a number of characters whose mind total no more than 20 and place them in front of you. You and your opponent reveal your choices at the same time. Any duplicates (including manifestations) are shuffled into the deck. Choose two non-unique minor items not from your play deck (MELE 14) and place them under the control of any character(s) in your starting company.

To me this makes it sound like this:  I build a deck, following the Hazard, Character, Avatar, Unique, etc restrictions.

But only until I am ready to play and I know who my opponent is, I grab my "Binder" and look at my opponent and then pick 1-5 (for wizards) or 1-6 (for ringwraiths) character cards.  Then after we reveal all characters and move duplicates to the deck, we pick two minor items (I am assuming, the default, as long as they don't break the 1 unique / 3 non-unique deck combined rule) from ANYWHERE...excluding deck and/or sideboard (not clear about that either).

SO basically, without going over the unique non-unique blah blah rules ad nauseam the point of my question is this:

You build a deck.
You don't decide on your starting 5 or your 2 minor items till you are ready to play.
These 5-6 character cards can come from ANYWHERE
then AFTER the character duplicates are put in the deck (character draft)
You pick the two minor items you want from ANYWHERE


Am I getting this right?

Cause to me I have always built a deck, had 1-5 starting characters already picked with their minor items.  And then sat down to play.  If I wanted I could exchange characters with some from the deck to get my five when I was ready to play or the minor items as long as everything was
"30/30" and "1/3" 10char/12crea etc

hmm any help thanks

I hope with this message you can understand my question clearly, I tried to do my best on this one.

It's not that big of a deal, but it is.  I mean yeah you sit down to play with friends whatever.  Come on tho rules are rules.  There always seems to be people who say it doesn't matter, and then all the sudden it does at a certain point in a tournament or similar.

Thanks again

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Post by Vastor Peredhil » Tue Aug 13, 2013 10:45 pm

I still do not get why you not post in the active forum: ... adb263755e

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Post by rezwits » Tue Aug 13, 2013 10:47 pm

I didn't even really realize that, will do! here out... 8O

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