[hazards] Low-rare orcs (a.k.a. no Uruk-lieutenants)

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[hazards] Low-rare orcs (a.k.a. no Uruk-lieutenants)

Post by Tegarend » Fri Jul 30, 2004 5:48 am

3x Doors of Night
3x Twilight
3x Minions Stir
Daelomin at Home
Mouth of Sauron
Orc Lieutenant
3x Orc Raiders
2x wolf-Riders
2x Hobgoblins
3x Orc Warband
2x Pierced by Many Arrows
3x An Unexpected Outpost
3x Power Build By Waiting

For the rest a typical sideboard of Lost in Free-domains and Earcaraxe's ahunt and A&U and stuff like that.

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Post by Zarathustra » Tue Aug 03, 2004 5:07 pm

A couple things:

Is this to be played vs heroes or minions?

Why not 3 Orc-Lieuys? They're not rare.

Where's the Doubled Vigilance and Redoubled Force?

Drop an Outpost and the Power Builts for Two or Three Tribes Present and other goodies.

Are Uruk-Lieuys that expensive? I can't imagine trying to play an orc haz strat without them....

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Post by Tegarend » Wed Aug 04, 2004 5:40 am

This version vs hero, vs minion I'd change the raiders by some detainment guys for tapping purposes.

Orc-lieus : I more relyon the high-strike-guys for pierced.

Doubled Vigiliance : I couldn't find any slots ... & I don't really believe in Redoubled Force without some additional cards like twice the attack or face the atack during movement etc

It's not the expense of the Uruks that's the problem, but the scarcity of nearby cards & my forgetfullness when arriving somewhere to trade ...

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Post by Jambo » Wed Aug 04, 2004 8:53 am

I'd certainly have to agree with Mark here.

I'd ditch one of the outposts (3 is usually excessive even without Doors of Night) and one or two of the Power Builts (you've got plenty of hazard limit boosters anyway) for a couple of Two or Three Tribes, as it really is an excellent card for an orc strategy.

Certainly, I'd put a Doubled Vigilance and a Redoubled Force at least into the sideboard if not the playdeck (released on-guard they will always hurt). They will also likely attract your opponent's Marvels Tolds, meaning your Minions Stirs will be more likely to remain on the table.

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