[hazards; vs minion] Horny Trees

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[hazards; vs minion] Horny Trees

Post by karmi » Wed Aug 04, 2004 11:16 am

Plant hazards are hard to cancel and have a decent prowess. This hazard works great against dragon country decks, poorly against mordor decks and usually decently against other types of decks. Designed for Minion vs. Minion games, it lacks Lady of the Golden Wood and Gandalf the White Rider. If your resource strategy is especially vulnerable to some Environmental cards, you may want to add some Twilights.


# Hazard (30)

1 Adûnaphel (tapper/sb access)
2 An Unexpected Outpost (sb access/recycle other useful hazards)
1 Daelomin at Home (Hazard Limit increase)
3 Ent in Search of the Entwives (good playability, high prowess)
3 Foolish Words (anti-influence)
2 Heedless Revelry (good vs. most minion decks)
1 Itangast Ahunt (dragon country backup)
1 Mouth of Sauron (hazard recycler)
1 My Precious (play him face up if you suspect your Balrog opponent might play Stinker)
3 Nameless Thing (vs. Balrog, also good if your opponent plays Doors)
3 Old Man Willow (hits Southern Mirkwood too, detainment though)
2 Power Built by Waiting (HL increase)
3 Seized by Terror (good for leaving those small rangers/scouts behind)
1 Smaug Ahunt (dragon country backup)
2 Unabated in Malice (good vs. most minion sites)
1 Ûvatha the Horseman (hazard recycler/sb access)


# Hazard (15)

1 Alone and Unadvised (works with Seized with Terror)
1 Covetous Thoughts (nasty corruption if your opponent has more than 1 item)
1 Khamûl the Easterling (nazgul-machine defence)
1 Lost in Free-domains (vs. gondor burn decks)
1 Neither so Ancient Nor so Potent (vs. palantirs etc.)
1 Redoubled Force (could be straight-in)
1 River (vs. Akhorahil and other lonely superstars)
1 Rolled down to the Sea (vs. rings)
2 Stench of Mordor (vs. Mordor Squatters)
1 The Roving Eye (vs. high CP items)
2 The Way is Shut (vs. Balrog)
1 Unhappy Blows (could be useful if you can roll >7)
1 Veils Flung Away (good if your opponent has orcs/trolls but no Doors)

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Sly Southerner
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Post by Sly Southerner » Mon Jan 24, 2005 10:55 pm

Interesting deck Karmi. Why didnt you include Huorn?

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Post by Zarathustra » Tue Jan 25, 2005 7:07 am

Cuz, uh, Huorns suck? ;)

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Lord Leuber
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Post by Lord Leuber » Wed Jan 26, 2005 2:19 pm

You mean their roots suck water out of the ground? :P

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