[hazards; DoN strats vs. hero/ vs. minion]

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[hazards; DoN strats vs. hero/ vs. minion]

Post by Zarathustra » Thu Jan 27, 2005 8:58 pm

Doors of Night can be very useful against both heroes and minions. Against heroes because it blocks the somewhat popular Gates of Morning combos (Many Turns/Cock Crows), as well as roadblocking them; against minions because they're usually not ready for it and therefore have no twilight protection (let alone Skies of Fire!). Here's two hazard decks based on that idea, one vs. hero/fw, the other vs. minion/balrog:

Hazards vs. Hero:


3 Doors of Night
3 Twilight
2 Peril Returned
2 Snowstorm
1 Revealed to All Watchers
1 Foul Fumes
2 An Unexpected Outpost
2 Summons from Long Sleep


2 Nameless Thing
2 True Fire-Drake
2 Morgul-Rats
2 Assassin (or Ambusher)


Mouth of Sauron
Daelomin At Home


This is weakest against Gondor/Rohan area decks, as they can slip by most of the creatures and the Snowstorms if they make it out of Rivendell without being smacked. To make up for that there's the two assassins and the sideboarding ability of the Outposts and Nazgul to bring over some cards (think Lost in :f:, Knights of the Prince, Thief, etc.). One way to help vs these decks is to play one yourself, since then you can compete for the sparse resources in the area and perhaps do some influencing. This haz strat is quite nasty against most other kinds of decks: dragon country, coastal (summoned nameless things!), underdeeps, south-east, misty mountain. As long as you win the environment war, things should go pretty well (just hope he doesnt sac your Itangast!). Squatting badbeards can be a pain for this haz strat. Just play everything you can and sb lots of anti-fw stuff.

Hazards vs. Minions:

-1 Foul Fumes
-1 Peril Returned
-2 Assassin

+1 My Precious
+1 Golodhros
+1 Lady of the Golden Wood
+1 Gandalf the White Rider


Pretty similar. Mordor squatter/shuffler can be a pain, since there arent that many things that hit them. Pack some heedless/seized by terror in the sb. Lost in :f: still useful vs gondor burn decks. Should cause some serious pain!

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Post by karmi » Thu Feb 17, 2005 11:09 pm

Looks yummy - I especially like those Morgul Rats. :P

Vs. minions I would be inclined to ditch one more Peril Returned and a Twilight for two copies of Doubled Vigilance - 4@9 non-detainment attack from on-guard at Mt. Doom, Mount Gundabad or Sarn Goriwing can be a nasty surprise!

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