Some MECCG Decks

If you have a tournament winning deck, please send it to The Dutch Council and we will put it up here.

Tournament winning decks:

The decks listed below are generally best played in two-deck games.

Hero Decks:
Let dwarves gather factions and greater items. And if luck has it you can even try to play King under the mountain.
In Kloosterzande Wim won with this deck. Gather points in Rohan and surrounding regions, while your opponents face terrifying spiders.
The winning deck Patrick Kubrat played at Spellenspektakel(one deck game!). The idea: Hobbits in the Barrow-Downs.
Steve's Tournament winning deck. It is used to win both the World championships as well as the Benelux open.
Wim's Tournament winning deck (METW only)
Arco's deck for the Dutch Nationals 2000
You send a group of brave hero's into the Lands of the Enemy under cover of night. They push straight on down into Sauron's breeding pits, in search of knowledge and long lost treasure.
This hero deck is designed to be very fast. It uses mainly permanent events as hazards and Radagast and a bunch of dwarves to gain MP's.
This hero deck is designed to be very fast. It uses mainly permanent events as hazards and Radagast and a bunch of dwarves to gain MP's.
This hero One-Ring deck won a 2-deck constructed tournament in Amsterdam. It uses mainly hobbits and the Magical Harp trick to keep them in play.
Ed used this deck during the US finals in 1998. It got him the third place. A Radagast deck that uses dwarves only with Gates of Morning. The hazards against hero's are based on agent-roadblock and elves and trolls versus minions.
Andrew uses Pallando or Radagast and a bunch of elves to start an alliance of free peoples east of the misty mountains. His hazards are a mixture of men / drakes and some misc. hazards (vs. heros) and undead (vs. minions).
Fallen Wizard decks:
Gregory's deck will set up some guarded havens west of the misty mountains to get his resources while the Nazgul are chasing his opponent.
Nathan's deck is based around FW Gandalf in Gondor. It uses drakes / dragons and roadblock (Snowstorm) as hazards.
Chris played FW Radagast during the finals. His companies move little and when they do, they use their scout's sneakin' skill. The hazards are based on roadblock (vs. hero's) and undead (vs. minions).
Minion decks:
Arco played this deck during the World Championships and got him the 5th place.
Arco's european championship deck (8th place).
Balrog decks:
Daniel played this deck during the opposing alignment tournament dd. feb. 6. It got him the first place.
Jason played this deck at the US finals of 1999.


The Challenge Decks

There are ten ready-to-play challenge decks, one for each Wizard and one for each of five different Ringwraiths. Each deck contains 110 cards selected to make it competitive while still exploring many of the rich, evocative theemes of Middle-earth. Each deck contains 30 cards for a unique resource strategy, 30 cards for a unique hazard strategy, a 20 card sideboard, and a full complement of characters and sites. There are over 400 different cards in the ten decks, enough to give you the basic pool of essential cards needed to design and construct your own decks. Cards have been selected from the MECCG sets published before 1998 and have been updated to reflect all of the current errata and corrections from these earlier editions.

Wizard Decks

  • A: Stewards of Gondor ( Saruman, with Orc & Troll hazards)
  • B: Release the Prisoners (Alatar, with corruption & Undead hazards)
  • C: Dwarven Quest (Pallando, with Animal hazards)
  • D: Bargain Between Friends (Radagast, with Man hazards)
  • E: Return of the King (Gandalf, with general creature hazards)

Ringwraith Decks

  • F: Spies and Traitors (Adûnaphel, with Drake hazards)
  • G: Marauding Brood of Uglies (Dwar, with Wolf hazards)
  • H: Stealthy Tribe (Hoarmûrath, with Undead hazards)
  • I: Morgul Rallying Cry (Witch-king, with Roadblock hazards)
  • J: Seducing Nations of Men (Indûr, with corruption & general creature hazards)

All decks are in NetMETW (or DeckMETW) format, which doesn't mean you can't read it them (It's plain ascii).