Many files on this page are in PDF format. You can download a free PDF reader at the Adobe Acrobat website.

Rarity lists

The rarity lists show you what cards were printed in each set and the detailed rarity of each card. While collecting or trading you cannot do without them.

Maps of Middle-earth

One of the best play aids one can think of is a decent sized map of Middle-earth, with an overview of the sites and regions. ICE recognized this and handed out promotional maps, with the beautiful map artwork by Jo Hartwig.

Simplified rules

Getting started with Middle-earth CCG might be easier when you play your first two games using this rewrite of the rules-booklet (for The Wizards).

Multi language info, artist info and spoilers

Just a rarity list is not good enough for you? Jim Montanus has made an Excel sheet with all you can think of! It includes the names of all cards in all eight printed languages, the English card text , artist info for every card, and the rarity of each card. All sets are on the sheet, including the cards that were printed (black&white) in A Long Expected Party and two Middle-earth role playing books.

The Official MECCG Newsletter

The Newsletters contain card reviews, strategy tips, interviews and much more. A very beautiful and informative newsletter. They are available in a high- as well as a low-resolution version (for faster download). James Kight has redirected the older issues of his Newsletter.  So far he has produced six already!

  • Issue 1 - 2nd edition 2001 (1st ed. June 1998)
High res (1.6M) Low res (634K)
High res (1.1M) Low res (706k)
High res (3.8M)   Low res (2.2M)
High res (3.5M) Low res (2.3M)
  • Issue 5 (August 2001)
High res (5.8M)Low res (2.5M)
  • Issue 6 (October 2001)
High res (6.1M)Low res (3.6M)

LaTeX/Metafont Files

These are fonts used in making MeCCG. They can only be used by LaTeX or another type setting system based on Metafont. As far as we know there is no easy way to convert them to Windows TrueType fonts. Should you have a way to convert the MeCCG font, please let us know. TrueType and / or Adobe type 1 Tengwar fonts can be found out on the net. Not this exact font as far a we know, but close enough.