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Miscellaneous MeCCG Related Sites:

If you're looking to trade MeCCG or buy cards over the net. This is the place to be. Check out his World wide players list too. Very good site.

A new way to play and even collect Middle-earth CCG on-line on practically any PC (Windows, Linux, OS-X). It also features a lobby in which to find others ready to  player or just chat about MeCCG.

    NetMECCG home page
A program to play Middle-earth CCG on-line on any Windows based PC. This package also contains a very practical deck builder, useful for every player! -- Currently (Aug 2004) temporarily off-line.

This site is dedicated to the Leiden MeCCG community, it contains (a.o.) some nice info for starting players and the duo-quad rules (in English).

A beautiful site with some decks (in English) and lots of info on the German scene and for starting players (both in German).

MeCCG Councils around the world

World wide over-council

US Council.

Belgian Council.

Council of the Philippines.

Other Interesting Links

A very professional fan site with ALL about the movies and lots of information about Tolkien's works.

Manufacturer of beautiful miniatures inspired by Tolkien's works.

For everything you always wanted to have concerning Tolkien.

Tolkienworld links you to the best Tolkien sites on the net.  - By using the link you will vote for us. -

A wide angle on cardgames: a collection of links to many card game sites and stores.