News from the western shores

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Recently more and more people seem to think that the Middle-earth CCG is no longer available. That, fortunately, is not true, as the stores on this page demonstrate.
Morion writes about the Return to the Shire tournament at Murphy Mania 2k+2 (in Dutch)
    Silent-tower maillist back online
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A first (short) report of what happend at the Spellenspektakel and in the European Championship
Report of the hero sealed deck tournament in the American Book Center in Amsterdam on october 18.
Illustrated report of the first MeCCG tournament at The Collector's new location.
World premiere of the 'hobbit' tournament tokens.

A report of this great event (illustrated)

James Kight has taken up work on the official MeCCG newsletter once again... [June '01]

A cocktail of reports on the great fair in 'Het Archeon', May 2001

Timco describes his experiences at the intro evening in Enschede, March 14 2001 (illustrated)

The MeCCG-list temporary off-line.  A temporary list has been started at Yahoo.

 Illustrated report by Simone de Ruyter of the constructed deck tournament, 6 january Apeldoorn. [Jan '01]
Report by Michel Schelfhout of the constructed deck tournament, 29 december Kloosterzande.

Report by Jean Paul Keulen of  Spellenspektakel Eindhoven (illustrated).

Various reports of the sealed tournament, 24 november 2000 in Leiden.

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