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Nienna's lost PalantÝr

During the first ages of the world one of the most important PalantÝri was hidden in the Halls of Nienna. Unfortunately it was lost for more than two ages after the downfall of Nienna's Realm.

At the end of the 3rd age the PalantÝr Rolled Down to the Sea, and the proud men of the Isles of the Dead that Live found this beautiful treasure and decided to show it to all their guests.

The Palantir [6-16kB]

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May 26, 2001
April, 17, 2001
February, 26, 2001
February, 12, 2001
February, 4, 2001
January, 22, 2001
October 5, 2000
August 10, 2000
May 25, 2000

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Sauron of Mordor

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